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Kay Sade releases “Speed Up” single

August 10, 2018

Kay Sade releases “Speed Up” single

Kay Sade hits heavy on new track “Speed Up”

Kay Sade’s “Speed Up” is self-produced and is a continuation of the verse she posted on Instagram for Dru Bex’s “Gotta Go” Challenge.

Since so many people gravitated towards that video,  Kay decided to turn it into a full song. It’s a reflective, self-encouraging piece about keeping faith, being resourceful and maintaining momentum through any circumstance.

Kay got married in January of this year. Between her marriage and the disbandment of TKB, she has been assessing her creative goals against other life responsibilities.

Kay put’s it this way;

“I’m finding ways to balance my home life with my goals as an artist. I have no plans to slow down. If anything, I’m speeding up.”

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