K Tempo – Kingdom Minded (Album Release)

February 8, 2019


K Tempo – Kingdom Minded (Album Release)

K Tempo releases debut album, Kingdom Minded

Formerly known as CJ Williams, K Tempo is a rapper, drummer, and producer from Canton, GA. At twenty-two years old, he pursues the calling to spread the message of Jesus Christ through music. K Tempo is currently working with and touring with successful Christian artist, B-SHOC. This relationship has turned into more than just a mentorship…B-SHOC has welcomed K Tempo to Flip Flop Entertainment, and the two of them are now close friends. In 2018, K Tempo released three singles; two of which had music videos, and the other, a collaboration with KJ-52, was featured on Recently, in 2019, K Tempo has released 2 more singles off of his debut album, both featuring major artists. Gold For God (feat. Byron Juane) received editorial placement on a big Spotify playlist, and Kingdom Minded (feat. B-SHOC) creatively revealed the album through cinematic art and a music video. Today, February 8, 2019, is K Tempo’s 22nd birthday, and he’s releasing his debut label release, Kingdom Minded. 4 tracks on the album were produced by RMG Superstar, Canon, and the album features some recognizable names in the industry such as: KJ-52, Byron Juane, B-SHOC, and Damac.

K Tempo has a vast musical background, with an extensive focus on drums and audio engineering. He loves to incorporate this into his persona and music. He graduated with a 4.0 GPA from the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, and earned an Associate’s Degree in Audio Post Production. K Tempo mixes and masters all of his own material, and offers these services to others professionally. He looks forward to his future with B-SHOC and Flip Flop Entertainment.

Luc is the Worship Arts Pastor at The Crossing Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. Luc has been performing and critiquing hip hop since the age of 5. In his free time he’s either watching baseball, on a date with his wife, or wrestling with his kids.
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