K Tempo – Kingdom Minded (Album Release)

February 8, 2019


K Tempo – Kingdom Minded (Album Release)

K Tempo releases debut album, Kingdom Minded

Formerly known as CJ Williams, K Tempo is a rapper, drummer, and producer from Canton, GA. At twenty-two years old, he pursues the calling to spread the message of Jesus Christ through music. K Tempo is currently working with and touring with successful Christian artist, B-SHOC. This relationship has turned into more than just a mentorship…B-SHOC has welcomed K Tempo to Flip Flop Entertainment, and the two of them are now close friends. In 2018, K Tempo released three singles; two of which had music videos, and the other, a collaboration with KJ-52, was featured on Recently, in 2019, K Tempo has released 2 more singles off of his debut album, both featuring major artists. Gold For God (feat. Byron Juane) received editorial placement on a big Spotify playlist, and Kingdom Minded (feat. B-SHOC) creatively revealed the album through cinematic art and a music video. Today, February 8, 2019, is K Tempo’s 22nd birthday, and he’s releasing his debut label release, Kingdom Minded. 4 tracks on the album were produced by RMG Superstar, Canon, and the album features some recognizable names in the industry such as: KJ-52, Byron Juane, B-SHOC, and Damac.

K Tempo has a vast musical background, with an extensive focus on drums and audio engineering. He loves to incorporate this into his persona and music. He graduated with a 4.0 GPA from the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, and earned an Associate’s Degree in Audio Post Production. K Tempo mixes and masters all of his own material, and offers these services to others professionally. He looks forward to his future with B-SHOC and Flip Flop Entertainment.
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