Justin Bieber talks about growing up as a Christian and thinking most Christians are “weird.” You can see there’s a real struggle with where he’s currently at and his desire for God. He says he feels a connection with God and that it puts an ease to his soul.

Let’s continue to pray for Justin so that he truly finds peace knowing that God is his Savior.

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  1. Gabriel Ballerini

    I hope you realize when he’s talking about “God” he means Lucifer. I’m surprised to see you believe this bs. Let me guess Jay Z and Beyonce are also nice Christians too?

  2. Gabriel Ballerini

    Yep. His music. Full of ultra satanic imagery, lyrics and overall message. Did you know that Jay Z often refers to himself as a Christian? Kanye Pest also. One interview they’re talking about their love for “God” and how much their faith means to them, then the next minute they’re wearing baphomet clothes and rocking upside down pentagrams. I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t pray for them, but I am suggesting they have literally sold their soul and are now active in worshiping the baphomet. They love to say they’re Christian, as every good satanist does. Just food for thought, don’t take my word for it, do some research.

  3. Brian Sutton

    Not sure if I’d rather sport Biebers baphomet clothes or Gabriel’s tinfoil hat.

  4. Daniel Anglin

    If u haven’t heard purpose by him you need to not saying him making one god honoring song makes him christian but he maybe people turning that way

  5. hypercoyote

    Truth is, there’s a lot of people who are caught in the devil’s snare and don’t know it.  But God never gave up on us, even when we were ‘sons of the devil’ so who are we to give up on people, even celebrities?  The terms ‘sell their soul’ and ‘devil worship’ are so misused in our culture because we think of the rituals from movies, but truth be told, before we know Christ, the enemy already has our soul, we’re born into captivity.  And devil worship is nothing more than allowing something other than God to captivate us, since the enemy is the ‘god’ of this world order.  So in reality, even believers unwillingly participate in ‘devil worship’ when they get caught up in what this world has to offer or even caught up in worry/fear/anxiety.  So regardless of what he may have got caught up in, who are we to judge his situation as any worse than where we came from?  There’s not one person who God in incapable of drawing, but of course, it is ultimately his choice.

  6. Edward Twigg E Faust

    judge not lest ye be judge for with the same messure you judge you will be judge………. Only God knows his Heart so jus pray that GOD has him n not Satan……… lets not be quick to condemn but to pray for…………..

  7. Lil Mike & Funny Bone

    Prayin 4 them all (this music industry is feedin us all into hells gates) becareful what u listen to ppl

  8. JeremyKroutz

    He does make some valid points, and then he makes some points that are not biblical…but there is a yearning to know God deeper, it’s just so hard being idolised…worshiping God while being “worshipped” must be a serious tug of war…pray for Justin


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