J.R. – Murray’s Grammar: New Rules | Mixtape

April 30, 2011


J.R. – Murray’s Grammar: New Rules | Mixtape

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I’ve followed J.R. for awhile now and I’ve always been drawn to his music. J.R has no boundaries and his music truly transcends all genres. He is one of the purest artist in Kingdom Music today. You have probably seen J.R. pop up on many collabs over the past year and if you’re like me you got excited for his own project dropping. J.R. does not disappoint with Murray’s Grammar:New Rules.

1. Intro- Not much to say about the intro other than it definitely captures your attention from the beginning and makes you want to listen to the entire mixtape!

2. Smackdown- J.R. opens up with the infectious rock driven track which is driven by drums and guitar. J.R. calls out Satan telling him he will lay the smackdown on him. I love that right there. J.R. declares that he was once blind but now he can see. This is a very clever way for us to be encouraged that sin and satan although can take a hold of us, we have the power to defeat it.

3. So Much To Dance For- Journey meets John Legend is what comes to my mind as I listen to this song. This is really a feel good song. J.R. shows us that we have a lot to be grateful for which means we have a lot to dance about. This song makes me think of all the good things that God has done in my life and all that he has brought me from. That is enough for me to break out in a dance. This is one of my favorite cuts on the mixtape!

4. Weird Fishes- J.R. continues to wow me on Weird Fishes. When I hear this I think about the struggle we have many times when we change our lives and submit to God’s will. A lot of times the people in our lives and around us look down on us or turn that backs on us because they say we have, “changed”. The fact of the matter is we have changed. We have renewed minds. Does that make us weird because we aren’t like them? J.R. really poses a great question in this song.

5. Strangely Close- Yet another song that J.R. crafts into perfection. So far he has not missed a step on this mixtape! J.R. paints a picture that through everything we are be watched. My interpertation of this is that he is singing to God. Showing that no matter what we do God is always around so we must live our lives in a fashion that will be pleasing to Him.

6. Who’s Gotcha- This right here will defintely get you to get a lil bounce going. Not much to say about it other than it doesn’t break the mold of what J.R. has been doing thus far on this already great mixtape!

7. Light Up- This song truly displays the purity in J.R’s voice and shows why his voice stands out from the rest. He can seamlessly go from a low note right into a high note. You really don’t see that often. I like his originality on this track as he finds a way to slip into a few bars of Drake’s “Light Up”. The production on this track is sick and it really compliments the spoken word that is spit!

8. Want Me To- Light Up was a great introduction to this track. J.R’s voice once again is so pure. He’s a breathe of fresh air in an industry where everyone tries to sound the same (both Kingdom and Secular). This song is not my favorite song on the mixtape but it’s still a great song. The message is great. It’s about not conforming to the world. Be comfortable in your own skin and don’t try to be what society tries to tell you to be!

9. In My Head- Loving the production on this track. There’s so many levels to this track here that it’s hard to write a review to it. On this track J.R. shows a person who is at a point in their life where they are ready to reach the destiny that they have over their life! J.R. also gives reverance to God for being who he is. Vocally this is one of J.R’s strongest tracks. It’s not fair for me to try and explain this track. Just listen to it!

10. Always- The ultimate song right here to cruise to on a nice cool evening. This one definitely is dedicated to his Proverbs 31 girl. Husbands words of advice. Play this song for your wives! This song goes too hard!

11. The Interlude (Love)- After Always this song couldn’t come at a better time. J.R. shows his ability in the high register as he flawlessly uses the falsetto and paints a picture of beauty with his voice. Although short this interlude stands out!

12. All Of My Life- This to me is the standout track of the mixtape. J.R. definitely knows how to end on a high note as he delivers a song that is pure worship. This speaks on a place where we all have been. Where we need to be broken and brought back to God. Coming back to our first love! This song really hit home for me and pushes me to get a closer relationship with God.

So here we are at the end of the project and I must say that J.R. has broken all musical barriers with this. The crazy thing is I would’ve paid full price for this as it could easily be a LP but J.R. blessed us with this masterpiece for free.

We need more artist like J.R. His music can touch many generations. It speaks volumes because it embodies the Great Commission. His music speaks to all nations. It touches the hearts of all races, genders, backgrounds and the list goes on. This has definitely become one of my favorite mixtapes. So it is not hard giving J.R. the coveted New H2O “5 Bottle Rating” for creating a masterpiece! I pray that God continue to pour into J.R. so he can pour into us. What are you waiting for? Download this mixtape!



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    This album is def different. I can def dig it. Suggest downloading. Great job on the mixtape.

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    love it!

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    Amazing new flow that is meant to inspire the Kingdom to only focus on God's opinion of us. My nomination for mixtape of the year

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    Pop wunda

    this is a Great body of work Big up to the Homie J.R. ps. thanks for putting My favorite Rapper on ya mixtape as well Fro Wundas. lol. PopWunda

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    this mixtape is so TIGHT - love the experimental vibe with music and sound

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    Is there a password for the file? Because It won't let me open it without the password.

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    Very moving album.. chilaxing to it, while having a cookout with my family :) Blessing!!

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    this is such a great mixtape! very deep and emotional. Can't believe it's free! its priceless thats for sure in every way i guess. if you going thru a hard time i reccomend this with the Word of God and it will be like a night light in your darkness! GOD BLESS!

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    Why am I being prompted to enter a password? Is there a password needed to open this file?

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    Okay, whatever moron uploaded this file screwed it up somehow. When you unzip it, you're left with a blank folder with nothing in it. If you try to download individual files from it, it gives you an error. If you're going to upload files for people to download, leave them pure and don't screw with them. Don't password them or any other stupidity like that. Unless you're going to give everyone the password, passwording them is idiotic. Learn how to upload files properly, ya damn fool.

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    If anyone wants to download this album without having to deal with the password protection idiocy, you should do so from THIS link: https://noisetrade.com/?dc=g48Ayw

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    Marcel Brown

    Yep. I have it on my iPod right now.

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