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Every day normal kids are recruited at a young age to load a clip and pull the trigger. They are trained up in the way of violence and this is called “Child Soldiering.” Jordan is an advocate and a voice for the nameless, faceless children around the world. This single “Kid Not A Killa” is a theme song Jordan was asked to do by PROJECT AK47. Jordan is an advocate to rescue child soldiers who are sexually exploited and forced to be in physical labor, restore their lives by providing an education, clothing, shelter, food, and all of your basic needs, and also reshaping their regions of conflict. We work with kids directly from Burma, Philippines, and Mexico. Jordan is a proud Advocate of PROJECT AK47 and if anyone would like to sponsor a child they can go to: Sponsor A Child.

Sponsoring a child is only $7 a week. This song is helping a lot to raise the awareness.

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