As a much anticipated follow­ up to his widely popular, debut album American Dream, Joey Jewish is proud to announce the upcoming release of his second studio album Beautiful Solitude, which will be available for purchase on multiple major download platforms on March 1, 2016.

In the wake of his first release, Joey was catapulted into a highly successful career as a hip hop artist, being recognized by multiple media outlets for his superior writing skills, smooth lyrical delivery, and eclectic ambient signature sound. In addition to being named as a 2015 Freshman, he also received a significant backing on social media platforms such as Twitter and Soundcloud, pushing his work to garner over a quarter million plays from listeners all around the world.

Despite this large amount of success, Joey never lost sight of his humility and his calling. He always knew that he had a thriving future career in music, and with his newly assembled team Random Lyfe providing elite media & management, 2016 looks to be his breakout season headlined by the best album of his career thus far, Beautiful Solitude.

“I finally found myself,” Joey said. “After separating from the fictitious character I began to believe I was, solitude became my reality. A lonely place where the only person staring back at you is your true self.”

It was this period of time by way of real life situations that Joey experienced the emotions of fear, hate, anger, brokenness, and finally beauty, all of which inspired his next project appropriately titled Beautiful Solitude, a profound collection of musical color brashly painted across a live canvas to create a new age masterpiece.

“That solitude brought something beautiful out of me,” said Joey. “The sound has changed. Everything has changed. It’s become more creative taken up to new heights… The moral of the story is that even if you find yourself in a place of solitude, don’t worry about it. Flow with the natural course of life and in that solitude, you are going to find who you are, a thing of beauty.”

Official Tracklist:

  1. The Need
  2. The Fear ft. Cetan
  3. The Love (Woah)
  4. The Lone Wolf
  5. The Voices (Interlude)
  6. Sufficient ft. nobigdyl.
  7. Motivation ft. Shiwan & Medrano
  8. No Filter ft. Zeek
  9. The Beginning

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