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Flashback to a few years ago, I was watching 106th & Park on Freestyle Friday’s. These were the glory days of the show when AJ and Free were holding things down. But it was on that show that I discovered rapper Jin. Jin had a record breaking run on the show and showed his lyrical superiority over all of his opponents. Fast forward to 2010 and Jin is back with a new message and he is better than ever!

1. Say Something- Jin uses the famous Drake tune, to evaluate the state of Hip-Hop since his departure from the music scene. Jin cleverly mentions artists like Jay-Z and Soulja Boi who are responsible for the negativity in Hip-Hop and the degregation of Hip-Hop. The second verse Jin admits that he once chased the life that Hip-Hop today now encourages but how he is on a new path. He is now dedicated to be a positive light in a dark world. Great remake of this song!

2. I Tried- Jin hops on the “Run This Town” beat on “I Tried”. Jin’s flow is perfectly for this track. On this track Jin once again admits his shortcomings, he is regretful for them and he goes a step further after all of this. He apologizes to the youth for leading them astray with his music. That’s pretty amazing and we don’t hear that type of thing come from artists. Through these lyrics you can definitely tell that Jin has done some major life changing since his days rapping on BET!

3. Chillin in HK- Production on this track is amazing and the lyrics are even better. On this Jin track explains how he prefers his new lifestyle over his old lifestyle. Further showing that he is satisfied with the new him and he is not afraid of sharing that with everyone!

4. Touch The Sky- Move over Kanye and Lupe. On this track Jin is ready to touch the sky! Jin thanks God for giving him his gift and on this song alone, Jin proves that you can have Jesus lyrics and still have a hot song. This one right here goes hard!

5. Hard- Jin doesn’t go in too long on this one, but the time he does go in, he goes hard! Jin speaks on the struggle to remain holy and live a holy lifestyle. Like I said not too long but he makes his point.

6. Running Thru My Head- Jin hasn’t lost a step in his time away from music. On this we see and hear Jin going through a time of self reflection as he figures out who he is and attempts to find his true purpose on this earth. Jin really pours his heart out on this track and you get an inside look on some of the things that have caused him to get to the point he is at today!

7. Beautiful Story- It’s hard to effectively write a review on this track because Jin amazing on the mic. The lyrical assassin can tell a story like no one else. From listening this story he tells sounds like his own. You can hear the passion in his voice as he tells the story of a rapper who has achieved fame but even through that he is empty inside. He shows us that no matter what we gain on earth means nothing unless we have gained Christ!

8. Angels- Jin ends the Say Something Mixtape on a high note. On this one Jin gives us something I was waiting for the whole mixtape. He hits us up with scriptures with only further shows that he is real about being a minister of the Gospel through music. I love this track right here. Probably my favorite song on the mixtape!

So Jin gave us 8 tracks to hear the new him and to be honest I like the new better than the old. I am excited to see what Jin brings us next. I am hoping that it is a full LP! It’s amazing to see what God can do for people. I hope you guys enjoy this project as much as I did and I thank Nick for posting this one up! It was truly a blessing! Until next time.

Loving God, Loving Music, Loving Life,

Preacher Boy

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  1. Kimbo

    This is amazing.

    I never used to listen to Jin too much when I used to listen to secular music but this is so sick.

  2. Paul

    This dude is dope.. Not sure how it relates to Christian music although. But I enjoyed the album, downloading majority of these songs on my Son’s IPOD.





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