For me, there is something extremely compelling about an individual in the public eye who is confident in his faith and who quietly becomes an influence on the people around him.

An excellent example of this right now is Jeremy Lin. Lin, who recently joined the Charlotte Hornets, has reportedly launched Bible studies with his teammates. According to Lin, “Many of my teammates have shown a hunger to either learn more about Christ or to strengthen their relationship with God.”

Lin talked about his transition to the Hornets and this portion of his spiritual walk in an interview with CBS Sports:

“My biggest takeaway from the whole experience was probably my growth as a person. Spiritually just trying to become a better person, in terms of just staying positive and perceiving, regardless of the circumstance. I think that was a big test of faith for me.”

And he posted on his blog:

“The good thing about a long season is that things can turn around quickly and we just have to keep working hard, focus on improving everyday, and stick with the process. Personally, I want to try not to get too high or too low this season. One verse that I put up in my apartment as a wall decal to remind me of this is Psalm 46:10 (Be still and know that I am God).”

It remains to be seen how Lin’s move to Charlotte works out for him professionally. But, it seems as though it’s working well spiritually. Lin’s quiet confidence in his faith is influencing those around him and his Bible studies with his teammates are feeding their spiritual hunger.

Lin is providing an example to us all about how we carry ourselves as representatives of our faith, and how big an influence we can always be to those around us.

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