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Jeff Cabreja – SWOOSH Feat. Young Prophet (Single)

May 23, 2018


Jeff Cabreja – SWOOSH Feat. Young Prophet (Single)

Jeff Cabreja challenges us to chase our dreams with “SWOOSH”

“Go for it. Challenge yourself. Take the risks. Shoot your shot. The entire idea behind this record is to encourage other creatives to chase their dreams and go for the goal, no matter what stands in your way. The basketball related terms through out the song enforces this concept on listeners… There may be opponents, competition, and even obstacles, but if you put in the work, believe in yourself, and do your best then you can stay ahead and guarantee that win; in this case the “swoosh” from shooting a shot and making it in, which represents success.”

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“SWOOSH” is written by Jeff Cabreja and Young Prophet.
Mixed and mastered by Jeff Cabreja and produced by Asaiah Ziv.
Cover art created by Jeff Cabreja and Young Prophet.
Photography by Lili Cabreja.

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Jeff Cabreja:

Young Prophet:

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