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Jay-Way – The Invasion

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  1. bravie

    cool stuff keep it up. but mayn only 4 songs? come on son next time make it 10 lool

  2. IJsbreker

    Man…I am soooo proud of my boy!Be blessed brother,stay close to Christ and keep r(a)(e)ppin’ Him!

  3. Redical

    Hey bruh,

    You really did a great job on the mixtape man. The featĀ“s are great as well. Like it a lot.

    Thanks for dropping good music, I love it.

  4. Quas G

    Woooow Gooo boyy!!! i’m glad you launched it man. I can see that God is moving with you and around you! keep on going forward boy! God Bless you…

  5. ccemm

    Can’t get enough of this mixtape! 02. Sinderella: “I know that it’s Summer but she’s trying to make me Fall fall FALL… Don’t need your body let me make clear, it’s not yours like most of the black female’s hair… Forgive me girls” lol


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