Upcomer Jay Anime speaks heavy on ‘Stunt Double’

Artist Jay Anime has been on our radar as of late because of his quality submissions, mixes and unique sound. We were excited to see him send in a brand new track, Stunt Double.

A Stunt Double is a trained professional who stands in for an actor in order to perform dangerous or physically demanding stunts. We ourselves try to fight temptation and lose every time because we enjoy the feeling sin brings us, even tho we know it’s wrong. God has the given us the ability to defeat sin, not of our own might, but by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is our stunt double when we can’t fight off temptation on our own.

“Personally, fornication and lust is something I struggle with but as my relationship grew with the Holy Spirit, I was able to flee from my fleshly desires.”
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Akande is a serial entrepreneur and hip hop recording artist know as Davis Absolute. He is the owner and operator of New H2O, Digital Pew and the RCHGRV Collective. Connect with him @davisabsolute.

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