Jahaziel Explains Why He Left Christianity

December 22, 2015


Jahaziel Explains Why He Left Christianity

Jahaziel recently took to social media as to why he left Christianity behind. Jahaziel is a widely known CHH artist who is signed to Xist Music. Let’s keep Jahaziel in prayer as he continues to transition through life. You can read his statement below,

I need not explain myself to anyone but I feel the need to make a quick statement. A short while ago I turned away from 20 years as a professing Christian. I had a good job with a church organization, a house provided by the church, a large social circle of likeminded people, a career in gospel music, a worldwide fan base, a respected reputation & status within Christian and non Christian circles… Etc
Having left Christianity I may have lost many/all of these things, but what I have is worth more than all of them combined. I have my integrity. When I first joined Christianity I was told ‘you must believe this book is God’s infallible word’… Before I’d even read the book!! How can one decide for themselves whether a book is accurate and true BEFORE they have even read & investigated the book thoroughly?! Anyway… Contrary to many opinions I have met some great people in church and learned some great principles from Christianity/the bible. These principles however are not exclusive to any religion. I have experienced christianity in literally 100’s of contexts so my perspective on Christianity is quite an informed one. I have met many sincere Christians, both church goers and church leaders, and although I have not seen every one of the 40,000 Christian denominations currently in existence I think I have seen enough to personally make a general conclusion regarding Christianity in the broadest sense. Now after 20 years of being vocal about the positives of Christian faith I would like to take some time to be equally vocal about the negatives I have found. i.e Christianity and its controlling dictatorship, its historic blood trail, its plagiarized bible stories characters and concepts, the many human errors of the bible and its contradictions, the brutal nature of its God, it’s involvement in the slave trade, the crusades, the inquisition, the witch hunts, it’s second class view of women, it’s masculinization of God, it’s emasculation of men, its financial corruption… You get the drift. So YES I will go on, and I will not be silent as some have asked – my integrity will not allow me to be so passive against mass corruption. In all love. J



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    Miles Ornelas

    Wow, dude has totally been bewitched. But according to one of his statements it is not much of a surprise. It seems he didnt understand alot of core essentials.

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    Jacques Van Wyk

    Having read what he said I still don't get it..its as if he hadn't read the bible at all..but mostly..didn't have a relationship with Jesus. What contradictions in the bible is he talking about. Jesus says you choose me or the world. .guess he made his choice.

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    Dustin Barker

    Look at the vids he's sharing on his timeline. He's been pulled into the New Age Movement. As was I for some time. Their teachings tickle the ears man. The most profound experience is coming to the realization the Holy Spirit prophesied, warned about this movement 2,000 years ago. He says He still believes in God. What god? Does he believe in the Son? Only way to know the Father. Praying for him.

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    Johnathan Richardson

    It's a shame. He was one of the few British CHH artists and he was good as well but to hear this. I have felt they way he does before, yet I felt God's presence and know that people may say certain stuff about Christianity however, it may not be true and if you are close to God then you will know exactly what is right and wrong. I do believe that he has some good points as a lot of denominations may come across as judgemental or rules to live life, although true Christianity is following God and not rules.

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    Johnathan Richardson

    If you listen to Love Fallen by DJ Official, it shows how Jahaziel has some knowledge of the Bible yet what he says in that song also contradicts what he has recently said. So I'm still confused.

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    Ray Williams

    Children, it is the last hour, and as you have heard that antichrist is coming, so now many antichrists have come. Therefore we know that it is the last hour. They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us. But they went out, that it might become plain that they all are not of us. 1 John 2:18-19 ESV

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    Kirk Addison

    This probably the result of never being filled with the Holy ghost but the Word declares in the last some shall depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils.

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    Kirk Addison

    Will definitely pray for him he about how the bible views women but to God there far above rubies,The holy scriptures where written way before the alantic slave trade,Satan just decided to use the bible during that time to take it out of context and lie for he is a liar and the father of it like he did to eve in the garden,like he did to jesus in the wilderness temptation. THESE r the days to press into the Lord fast pray seek him how many times must we say we war not against flesh and blood.But spiritual wickedness in heavenly places.If you have his Spirit Ask The Heavenly Father in Jesus Name You Will receive Power.

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    Johnnie Rep

    he left Christianity not God. theres more to learn

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    Tim Platte

    The Bible did say there would be a falling away. We are in the last days. Get ready.

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    Chris Quimby

    Definitely worth praying about. And also worth noting that we are not compelled merely by empty logic, as there are also the persuasiveness of emotion and human relationships which draw us to adopt other worldviews. And we are all in danger of adopting worldviews which gives us peace with besetting our sins, i.e. ain't no God gonna tell us how to live our lives! I do not have enough information to say that this is true in this man's case, but if it were not, I believe it would be a unique case.

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    Travis Ihde

    That's the thing Christ can't pushed on people ultimately its their decision because god gave us free will but just sharing and acting like believers can plant that seed for which god will tug at their heart it might be a couple of minutes each person makes their own decision but as for me I will pray that the seed has taken root and they finally find themselves to Christ

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    Joel Wisdom-Peters

    This is why apologetics is important

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    Jonathan Moore

    Blaming fallible man for your turning away from God is irrational. God is perfect. We are not. I pray Jahaziel repents and puts his faith in Christ.

  15. Avatar

    Helge Littke

    Couldn't agree more!!!

  16. Avatar

    Dickens Sikazwe

    pray and not say nothin negative bout him folks.

  17. Avatar

    Joe Johnson

    Sounds new age to me.

  18. Avatar

    Bo Butler

    Who cares he will pay enuff said

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    Bango smack crack a nig wit a bat. If you would make this decision you would make this decision sure enough. Truth ain't mind lock but this christianity out here be locking peoples minds after a mens ways. Even how this man or that man takes christianity. One way to take Jesus Christs name only one way to take it....and thats after them foot steps he left on this earth and that voice he droped in mans language before their ears. Also if God gives not a man confidence to serve him where did a man find strength in himself to serve what he never saw? Or serve who he never knew?

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    Dave Ashcraft

    And that is the problem right there. NONE except Christ is perfect and there are plenty of moral based people but all have sinned and fell short.

  21. Avatar

    Dave Ashcraft

    That being sad Christians are sometimes a bad example of Christ and there are far too many forms of fake Christianity.

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    Carlos Williams

    Yea. They all make that claim but point to an exact one. It's a shame man. He and Dwayne Tryumf were big for CHH in the UK.

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    Evan Kurth

    I knowledge his frustration and have many unanswered questions to God. Let's pray that's during his journey seeking for answer that's God will guide him answers, purposes, and plans for this man life!

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    Dave Ashcraft

    Praise God for the Misfits. Can't go wrong there

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    Shawn Milligan Sr.

    Brave and smart man!

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    A lot of things he's saying about Christianity is a little off or misunderstood especially the stuff about slavery. They are religious groups out there really misleading people about the history of Christianity. People can dislike us all they want but at the end of the day you need to make sure your rolling with Jesus. Forget about what some church did, or what some pastor did or what you read in some silly book just make sure you got Christ. Never look to human beings to serve God because people are imperfect and the same short comings you see in Christianity your gonna see in other faiths. We are all sinners if need of a savior. The grass always looks greener on the other side until you get there then your like... dang this is the same freakin grass!   just pray for this brother I believe he will be ok he's young and has a lot to learn about all this but he will look back one day and understand it all.

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    Isaiah Notter

    Sad he had been around Christians all those years yet never got a proper understanding of the Word nor Christian history. Most of the reasons listed are false and misconstrued accusations against Christianity.

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    Michael G Petit Sr.

    Sad. He may have read the word, but the enemy has succeeded in creating doubt. Let him go. If he gave his heart to the Lord. God won't let him go. No one will take him out of the Lord's hand. I'm praying for him.

  29. Avatar

    Jose Sanchez

    Is he an Atheist/Agnostic now?

  30. Avatar

    Joe Cross

    To leave Christ is to leave God

  31. Avatar

    Andre B. Smith II

    Prayin 4 ma dude!

  32. Avatar

    Cid Cadigal

    Praying Philippians 1:6 & Romans 8:28 for our brother Jahaziel to return to God allowing time for this to work out a return review or restoration in Christ

  33. Avatar

    Julian Harmon

    Ppl don't leave Christ because of Christ, but because of ppl. Thus is a true statement. In the next year, really season, you're going to hear of many leaving Christ and on the other hand many that don't look like they belong running into Christ's arms, from doubters to transgender to atheists and agnostics! Pray for those that leave their relationship with Christ, but be ready for those that are coming, seeking.

  34. Avatar

    Julian Harmon

    True, but it doesn't even take THAT much. Read your word and have an authentic relationship. The apologetics will deepen your understanding. The Word says, in all of your getting, gain understanding...if you seek, ask and it will be given liberally.

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    Julian Harmon

    I'm convinced that way too many are seeking to fulfill their own will instead of God's.

  36. Avatar

    Norm Carrillo

    He's made his choice. He quit his race. Let's pray for him. ...

  37. Avatar

    Harry Itie

    Seen this Ngbede Akinnusi

  38. Avatar

    Aman Anderson

    He's leaving theory not YHWH. I wouldn't be to worried, he's searching for true Black history...let em' search.

  39. Avatar

    Aman Anderson

    Joe Cross Wellll, look at it this way. Christ transcends Christianity... Christ doesn't equal Christianity. It's just a label.

  40. Avatar

    Chris Val

    He has never had a spiritual encounter with God. I think we all have had questions, but when you stop wrestling those questions with God is when Satan settles in. Pray for a spiritual awakening inside him/

  41. Avatar

    Akande Davis

    He clearly has left Christ... To leave Yah is to abandon the gift of Messiah. The two are inseparable.

  42. Avatar

    Akande Davis

    Amen... Sad to see... Good to see you though brother :)

  43. Avatar

    Joseph Wilson

    Be separate from religion, man made rules but be joined to Christ & grow in a relationship with Jesus. Being in church doesn't save us but only Jesus does & living in Him following His examples & God's will.

  44. Avatar

    Joe Cross

    Aman Anderson I agree it's a label but he is on record saying that the Bible is plagerized and there fore if you don't believe the word if God you are not a follower of God

  45. Avatar

    Kojo Dakwa

    This is why I don't believe in God. Read this Kelsey Ogbewe

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    Man, I feel for this man, because I see myself in him, that could've been me. I hit a point in my walk where I realized there had to be more to this thing than just going to church, trying to be a really good person, and not making God mad.  I thank God that He gave me the power to keep pressing, to keep seeking even though everything around me was telling me it wasn't true and one day I finally stepped past that line of religion and into faith.  So long as you come to God asking God to prove Himself to you instead of coming to God and telling Him you believe Him, you will never see God.  The first step has to be faith.   One thing he said, about someone telling him he had to believe the Bible was true before reading it, I get that, however, I disagree with his statement.  How many instruction manuals have we approached with the mindset that we weren't going to follow it until it proved that it did what it was supposed to do?  We approach so many other things with blind faith, but when we come to the only one who is faithful, our flesh wants to bring up doubt.  So yea, you do have to come to the Bible believing it's true.   The Bible is written with the assumption that you are saved, so almost none of it is going to make sense unless you meet that qualification.  And I can guarantee that if you are going to the world for proof, you are only going to find doubt, confusion, and dissatisfaction.  But if you come to Christ with an unhindered open heart, you will get assurance, clarity and fulfillment that you've never found in the world.  That's been my experience in Christ.

  47. Avatar

    Wesley Patton Jr.

    Its my prayer brother that you have an encounter with the Living God! I get where your coming from but the Bible does speak of the evil of man and doesn't pull any punches about what will happen to these people. I'm praying for you.......

  48. Avatar

    Kevin Masso

    Jake Masso crazy huh..

  49. Avatar

    Felix Finstersorg

    lol, y did i like this page? chrisitian hip hop? :D ciao xD Jahaziel met a good decision. happy yule tide at all :3

  50. Avatar

    Joshua Hd

    It's time for Christians to embrace apologetics now, we need to be solid and knowledgeable in a our faith

  51. Avatar

    David Akhimien

    I find it amazing how when someone or many who have murdered innocent people, including women and children, are brought to justice by mere men/women and executed for their crimes people celebrate the "heroes" for having killed the people who brought misery to innocent people. However, those same people who praise the "heroes" that killed the murderers will stand in judgment against the righteous God based on those God killed and/or led His people to victory over in the Old Testament. They are suggesting that man's judgment in killing a murderer is more righteous than God's who knows the end from the beginning and destroyed those who would have killed many lives. #HYPOCRITES!!! #Not renouncing Christianity #Hebrews 10:26 #Matthew 10:33

  52. Avatar


    Those leaders lifted him up treating him better than others he has no problem spitting on GOD then he and his handlers have the audacity to call black believers coons and uncle toms. hope the church wakes up start praying only GOD knows a man's heart he went to america with that anti christ krs i bet no leader enquired about his welfare while the black kkk and satanists were initiating this guy werid thing is im listening to his gospel track right now cant believe it still.

  53. Avatar


    Ancestor worship and black supremacy.

  54. Avatar


    I been asking leaders only EX Ministries do this . They nail all of it to a tee!!!

  55. Avatar


    KRS-1 seduced our brother from the gospel it was downhill from there doctrines of demons

  56. Avatar


    he changed when switching to US label...beware...

  57. Avatar


    JESUS IS STILL LORD I WILL REJOICE IN CHRIST the tares are revealing themselves nothing to see lets continue building the kingdom of GOD!!!!

  58. Avatar


    Now he going to be exposing christian leaders who abusing their congregation and innocent children this is going to be interesting hold on its going to be a bumpy road only those who endure to the end shall be saved and those pastors abusing children their members or anyone else STOP IT NOW in face get lost do one u shaming jesus your behaviour is not christ like and turning many away from true GOD why do u think these church leaders so quiet cause he knows... Christians keep your trust in the LORD even some of our leaders are not legit they just be using you #uhearditherefirst

  59. Avatar

    Johnathan Richardson

    Carlos Williams Have you heard Gems. He was also on Love Fallen but has some other good stuff as well.

  60. Avatar


    To be frank I personally think being a follower of Jesus Christ and Christianity are two separate things. Because Jesus  didn't come to create religion he came to create disciples and followers. But men created christianity by which through that they can abuse and have authority over others. At the end of the day we will not be judge by our religion but by our relationship with the Almighty God.

  61. Avatar


    NanaOwusu True point.  Christian was a label that was given to followers of Christ in the early church as a derogatory term and people ran with it.  But you are correct, men have created an organization out of it and that's not going to be what stands in the last day.  The church is the body of Christ, that is what is being built by God and that is what will stand in the last day.

  62. Avatar


    hypercoyote NanaOwusu . Thanks for your understanding. I hope many followers of Jesus will come to a point of understanding this.

  63. Avatar


    Why you praying for him? But wont pray for your neighbour if you look on his facebook lots of messages from Christians but do you know Jahaziel is only liking and commenting on anti christs worshippers comments he is aware of y'all but doesnt care isnt that why he made such a public announcement he knew how we would react trust me pray for your church and those still serving Christ that the agents of the devil will not lead thema stray. All this with jahaziel could have been avoided if his church leadership had any disernment instead of thinking about tithes and offering and when he announced he was going with KRS a know anto christ rapper no minister asked him to reconsider why they only saw dollar signs but the TRUE CHURCH is alive and marching on the gates of hell shall not prevail. all this renouncing Christ publicly is to get new recruits to create doubt in the weak and baby christians just remember one thig you do not know what goes on behind closed door just rejoice he revealed his true thoughts so the church can get their act together instead of always idolising people!]

  64. Avatar


    Why? he just pulled this stunt as a luciferian pact now watch how successful he going to be in 2016 by world standards interesting how he used the church to make a living!!! on his page the only comments he is respponding to and likikn are from anti christ commentators that should tell you all you need to know. No discernment in churches he was working at in last interview he stated he pretended to pray in tongues pray for grnuine backslidders not wolves in sheeps clothing jesus never prayed for judas after the betrayal God doesnt tell us to pray for lucifer.]

  65. Avatar

    Dustin Barker

    "Father forgive them for they know not what they do". "Pray for your enemies". "Love your enemies". "The eyes of the unbelievers have been blinded by the god of this age". "Pray for those who persecute you". "Bless those who curse, pray for those who despitefully use you". Hate gets nothing accomplished. It only ruins you. Jesus even shared bread with Judas, knowing he would betray Him.

  66. Avatar


    truth this applies to the whole jahaziel scandal : every Christian and non christians needs to hear this :

  67. Avatar


    Lets praise and worship when the praises goes up the Lord inhabits the praises of his TRUE followers and TRUE worshippers not those doing it for money hopefully other people pretending will just come out and say so the true church continues to march on PRAISE HIM

  68. Avatar


    James White deals with this very well.

  69. Avatar


    There are still 7000 who have not bowed their knee may i introduce you to : This man knows WHY he is saved :

  70. Avatar


    AON_HipHop Kind of hard to stomach the video when he feels the need to spend a few minutes at the beginning (around 3:40) ridiculing a genre (HHH) he admittedly knows nothing about.  That's a good way to alienate your viewer base.  It'd be different if he had a valid point, but he's just ridiculing HHH from a standpoint of ignorance.

  71. Avatar


    hypercoyote AON_HipHop Id take what he has to say, he's a very godly man and looks at it from a BIBLICAL perspective, not a RAP perspective. I get your bothered by his bashing of "Holy Hip Hop," but Im a Christian rapper and find the term "holy hip hop" ridiculous in itself.

  72. Avatar

    Vickie Lee Shoulders

    He's under attack! He will come back to Christ and his faith will be stronger!

  73. Avatar

    Rick Kendall

    Looking briefly at his statement shows me 1. He has not had a good instructor/pastor as many should not be preaching due to their lack of understanding and strong focus on bad traditions. 2. He does not understand the history of the church, for instance the 'Crusades' was not a Christian thing, it was a church response to violent islamic attacks. Step away from what people have told you, step to the Lord, ask for His help and He'll step closer to you. Look and read what it says yourself, the truth is there you just have to see it

  74. Avatar


    This brother obviously needs our prayers. He has obviously never had any type of encounter with our Heavenly Lover. Read without Holy Ghost and you'll end up deceived, its been proven. I believe he'll come around though. God always has the upper hand. Shalom.

  75. […] recently posted a note on social media expressing why he’s leaving Christianity. Since we reported on it, it seems that Jahaziel is kicking it into high gear and buckling down on his new […]

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