We talked with J. Word about his latest free project The Prescription. We got to know him as a person, his walk with God, and what he has coming next.

Haven’t heard his project yet? Listen to The Prescription HERE.

7 Responses

  1. Daniel Colon

    Love the Prescription, nice lyrics and deep. Who’s your musical inspiration?

  2. ZeekRkoOtunga

    If you could work with any artist whom you haven’t already who would it be and why?

  3. Leinjt

    man um in Botswana u know just above south Africa but I need that t-shrt

  4. ZeekRkoOtunga

    sitting here with somebody who has a hard time reading the Bible. What’s the best way to get them into reading The Bible?

  5. Mrhynes

    I’ve listened to the project and it is a Christian message, so why is it now such a bad thing to be labeled a Christian rapper, when we are all called to be Christlike?


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