Have you ever wondered why so many Christians own guns? How did it become such a staple for conservative Christians? Is owning a gun even Biblical? With the increasing amount of danger we are facing in the world today, its no surprise to see gun sales skyrocket in the U.S. A lot of those sales are going to Christians, according to the Public Religion Research Institute 57% of Christians say they live in a household where a gun is present. That is one of the highest percentages of a single group of people owning guns. So is it a cultural phenomenon or is it actually rooted in Scripture?

There can be an argument made that owning a gun isn’t necessarily condemned in the Bible. The very night that Jesus was betrayed He asked His disciples to bring swords with them, and even told them to buy one if they didn’t have one (Luke 22:36-38). When Jesus was betrayed, Peter actually used his sword and cut off the ear of the high priest’s servant, Jesus did not say you shouldn’t have a sword, He said put your sword into it’s sheathe (John 18:10-11). Jesus was only critical of the way in which he misused the sword, not of the actual possession of the sword. This shows that there is an appropriate use for swords, otherwise Jesus would probably not have asked them to bring any with them.

Now I hear you say, that was a sword! Not a gun! Yes, I am aware the weapons are completely different but if you were to draw cultural similarities then a gun would fit the bill to the tee. A sword back then was something always worn on the hip in a sheathe. A sword was largely the dominant weapon of choice for all armies across the world. Wars were fought with it, and it was a symbol of protection. It sounds almost identical to what a gun is to us.

We are called to be peacemakers and any Christian wishing to purchase a gun should keep this in mind and prayerfully consider gun ownership. In all things we must glorify and honor Christ. So if you use a gun for self defense and not to maliciously attack someone, then there is precedent for Christians owning guns. I don’t see a problem with owning guns, and as a Christian, I can see that there is some Biblical fact to back up the ownership of guns. But I also recognize there are things that only prayer and peacemaking can solve, that guns have no place in. The motivation for the ownership and intention of use will speak volumes on whether a Christian should have a gun.

What do you think? Should Christians own guns?


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