Listen to the single and you can download below.

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  1. OrangeCrush215

    This song is sick. Spiritually based with fierce lyrics. DL worthy!!!

  2. eric burruss

    Fellas!!!! This is tight man for real! Mad support! Alex u came a long way from when u first let me hear u rap lol!

  3. Eric Soler

    This song is pretty sick! Love how they flow and keep up with the artists now a days and still stick beside there beliefs! Much Respect & keep doing your thing!

  4. Keds Korner

    Wow…this is ridiculously good. How have I never heard of you guys before?

  5. Steve Rogers

    I need more. I can’t just stop at one track. When can I get more?

  6. Barry Allen

    Flow is sick. Keep it up guys. Nice to hear some Christian rap with some tenacity.

  7. HalJorndaGL

    So glad I got directed towards this song! Can’t wait for the mix tape!

  8. iRob

    SOOOOOO dOpe!!!!
    I’m putting this on my iPod right now so I can lift to it!

  9. Matteo

    Can’t wait to bump this in my car. Sound system is gonna looooooove this.

  10. emanmgs28

    Haha wow…this is so good that I can’t stop laughing. It’s nuts to think that there are so many unknown artists who are better than the ones who are actually signed. Intrepid is (so obviously) the next big thing!

  11. My Name Is...

    Like seriously, why can’t all christian hip hop sound like this? These guys have a mainstream flow with Christian lyrics. No offensive to other christian rap artists but people need to start emulating this type of style more often. 5 stars ***** .

  12. Emmit

    Refreshing stuff. Actually makes me want to listen to your mix tape. Where can I get that?

  13. AJ2legit2quit

    YO IM DONE!!! this song is crazy if you dont download this…smh

  14. LowRider

    This is dope. Definately gonna look you up on facebook.Good luck with the new Mixed Tape!


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