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Illijam – Wait Up Feat. J. Monty | Single

January 25, 2016


Illijam – Wait Up Feat. J. Monty | Single

Listen to the single below and download from Noisetrade.

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“Wait Up Feat. J. Monty” is the 2nd single from Illijam’s EP “While You Wait”, dropping 2-2-2016. Deriving it’s title from the title of the EP, Illijam & J. Monty wrestle with the reality of God’s sovereignty, goodness, & ability to provide amid times of tragedy, apparent lack, and providential red-lights. Despite the discomfort and pain of waiting on God, both artists confidently assert that God is competently and benevolently working for the good of His children as they wait on and rest in Him. Illijam encourages, “Any relief we can gain by impatiently running from God to forbidden pleasures, any design of our heart we can manufacture into existence by our own ingenuity, any time we run ahead of God and His timing — it’ll prove to be unfulfilling and bitter before long. The believers who are patient, — in God’s place and at God’s pace, as Piper said — waiting on the Lord, will be worked for by God. And by-and-by, we’ll understand His kind Father-heart that is always & only ever doing us good. Trust God. Wait Up.”

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