Why'el CoverChristian Debra (bka Why’el) is a twenty-four year old hip-hop artist who was born in Toronto, Ontario and raised in Brampton, Ontario in Canada. He was raised in a Christian home where not only were both of his parents missionaries, but his mother a former television star in Ghana, as well as his father a pastor. Growing up under major influences from both, he has always demonstrated a passion for performing arts, especially within the Christian niche. Starting to make music at the tender age of nine, Why’el has always been inspired to make positive music and display his love for Christ in it.

Developing his own style in his early teens, he founded IV Entertainment (Inphant Vizhin Entertainment) in 2009, an entertainment entourage consisting of rappers, a creative assistant, and a planning committee dedicated to putting together events and shows to edify and encourage the Christian body in his city. However after a few years, he decided to bring the movement to an end in January of 2014. In 2011 while running the IV Entertainment unit, he met Nick of NewH2O in Chicago while he was there shooting a video with Chi-Town’s own Gemstones. After expressing a deep interest in NewH2O and building both a professional relationship as well as a personal rapport with Nick, he was asked to join the team at NewH2O and became a lead contributor. It was around this time Why’el had discovered he needed to take a break from the music and after putting his own musical aspirations aside, he began to pursue freelance writing and managing different artists.

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Over the past year and a half, Why’el had been developing a relationship with the owner of He Paid The Price Records (HPTP). Why’el was asked to be a feature on Still Diligent’s (former HPTP artists) mixtape “Underdog” after listening to his ability. Why’el has accomplished much, having singles featuring well-known CHH artists such as Gemstones, Ruslan, and Bumps Inf to name a few. Over time, he has been challenged to continue honing his craft and has become eager to hit the studio again as well as continue to hit stages. The fuse of unique sound and dedication to creating the realest and truest music has led Why’el to become the newest artist with HPTP Records. He will be releasing his first single on the label in mid-August with HPTP.


Please join us in welcoming Why’el to the HPTP Family.

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