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Hostyle Gospel shares mission in New H2O Interview

April 23, 2018

Hostyle Gospel shares mission in New H2O Interview

Hostyle Gospel break down their ministry, impact and purpose.

Hostyle Gospel is an American Christian hip hop group from Champaign, Illinois. It’s members include Demetrius Morton (King Soloman), Raynard Glass (Proverb), and Fontaine Pizza (Big Job).

Hostyle Gospel is best known for their aggressive Christian rap style. The group is also known for creating their own sound called Christian battle music, which also can be referred to as Christian war music or The Hostyle Gospel sound.

We got a chance to sit down with them and discuss their mission, purpose and future plans as CHH artists.

NH2O: Coming from Illinois and starting the ministry several years ago, how has the landscape changed for your ministry and what kind of new challenges do you see or face with delivering the gospel in the form of Christian rap?

Hostyle Gospel: We feel that the landscape has really changed to accommodate the entertainment side of Christian music business.

The art of being able to produce bars and punch lines has died down to simple beats and simple lyrics. The challenge we face as a group is knowing when to dumb it down or when to get lyrically on our tracks

NH2O: Speak to that though about the entertainment side of the Christian music business – what does that mean?

HG: It basically means that now a days MCs don’t have to be able to rhyme, sing or dance to be reported recording artist.

They can sample get by with going on the stage with a catchy hook and a good light show. When we first started out, you had to be able to rhyme, dance, play instruments, have a catchy light show and have a great hook.

Don’t get me wrong there are some incredible artists in the business, but the music Industry as a whole is suffering from artist who don’t know how to put on a great show.

NH2O: Despite how the culture is shifting, there is still a need and a want for artists who bring lyricism, dance, and all elements of hip hop together.

How does Hostyle Gospel navigate this new space and stay relevant and impactful? This interview came as a request of one person who was dying to know more – people are hungry for it!

HG: I think staying true to yourself and how you see music is how you navigate and stay relevant in this business.

Music is so universal that you don’t know if the album you are creating will resonate with your fans or if it will tank. If you try to please everyone in this business you will fail.

So keep it 100 and you might find yourself on the side of what is relevant, because you might be creating the new sound that everyone likes in music. If you like rapping fast, bring your perspective on rapping fast.

If you like trap music, be the best trap artist that you can be. But don’t try to do what everyone else is doing because you think it will get you famous.

It will only put you in a box with the rest of the copycats and you will never reach your true potential

NH2O: Hostyle Gospel has a unique combination of talent. From what I’ve seen, there is a range of lyricists and rappers to musicians.

How did the group form to become what it is today?

HG: The group looks at the heart of the individual before they join the HG family.

People that help out with events, donate to the ministry or individuals that love the mission of Hostyle Gospel get to roll with us. In the past, we were doing music and attending bible training which wasn’t consider normal for the rest of the people around us.

So I guess the individuals that stayed was considered members of the HG family.

As time progressed we found out who had skills in what area and how we can utilize that skill to work for the glory of the Jesus and for ministry.

Nowadays everyone knows their role and all we do is continually grow in that role.

NH2O: There are three frontline MCs. Four background members that does graphic design, computer work and producing for the group.

And two junior members that do PR work

NH2O: During this journey and ministry, what has been the most powerful experience that your team has had with regards to God’s leading? What blessing or reminder drives the mission forward?

HG: The most powerful thing that happened to us was we helped lead over 300 people to Christ with our HHH movement back in 2011-2012.

No matter how much the music industry change, the gospel always remand the same. He can always use our talents to reach out to someone and that’s what motivates us.

NH2O: I think we have a good grasp on Hostyle Gospel’s minsitry and where you guys are coming from musically – but where did the name originate from?

HG: “Hostile” is the correct way how to spell the word, we wanted to be unique in how we spelled our name.

We want people to understand that our name serves as both an identification for our group as well as a movement against Satan and his actions, all the injustice in the world and anyone who is acting in an evil matter. Of course gospel just means good news about Jesus Christ.

So we are bringing the good news about Jesus Christ in an aggressive way

NH2O: If you could tell anyone anything about HG what would you want them to know?

HG: We would like people to know that although our music may sound aggressive, crazy and sometimes hostile it is done out of love.

We serve the same Jesus that everyone else serve, we are just called to deliver it a different way then other gospel artist

Be sure to check out Hostyle Gospel on Twitter:

Akande is a serial entrepreneur and hip hop recording artist know as Davis Absolute. He is the owner and operator of New H2O, Digital Pew and the RCHGRV Collective. Connect with him @davisabsolute.
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