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I go by the name of “HOPP”. I am an artist with a heart for today’s generation. I grew up in a divorced home, my parents separated when I was in my younger years. Which shocked my foundation and view on LOVE. With that mental shock, I began looking for acceptance and love in all the wrong places…girls, sex, drugs, you name it I did it or thought about doing it. It wasn’t until someone took the time to sit me down, mentor me, disciple me and show me a positive side of life. Now that I am older and have a family, I not only instill those positive principles I was once taught into my family, but into my music. With my music I have seen doors opened and experienced lives changed and touched. This year in October, my wife and I have an opportunity to go to Australia on a Missions Trip Tour. There we will visit many communities, neighborhoods and schools through out the country, ministering, encouraging and inspiring others with the love of God. The whole PURPOSE of this trip is to IMPACT CULTURE, ENCOURAGE PEOPLE, CHANGE LIVES!!

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