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I’M DOIN JESUS artist “GS” releases the artwork for Warning Before Destruction 4: RELOADED and release date. First song off the project is a song called “WE ALL ONE BODY”. This song is dedicated to Christians WORLDWIDE that are side by side fighting for the Kingdom. In this song GS shouts out brothers in Christ such as Cixx, BLes, Thisl, Bizzle, Jin, Lecrae, Tedashii, KB, Canon, P-Dub, D-Maub, Trip Lee, Sevin and Sho Baraka. Obviously missing many artist and people he desired to mention as well, GS wanted to start somewhere. Being a new face in Christian Music, GS felt the conviction to band together for God. We constantly hear that there is separation in the Kingdom, I guess someone forgot to inform GS. #ImDoinJesus

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