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December 16, 2013


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  1. Nathan Mitchell

    The Piratez album is awesome...I stayed up last night to listen to it!

  2. New H2O

    Don't forget to download GS's!

  3. Nathan Mitchell

    OK cool, I'll have to listen to that one too and download both later today, thanks

  4. BraydenPresley

    GS really opened my eyes with this one. Straight up, been with him for quite some time and always liked his stuff, but never like this. This tape truly puts him with the heavy hitters in CHH, and shows he isnt just "dope sounding music" but "dope music and truth" put together. Love GS! DOWNLOAD THIS!

  5. Donald Gause

    Got BOTH...was blown away (STILL AM)!

  6. parkerkoons

    This track is really good man! I hope your team will continue to keep up the good work, and to share the light of the Gospel!

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