Listen to the single and you can download it on iTunes below.

Prod. by Matthew Burnett (Boi-1da Productions)

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  1. Cheeze

    GS has been on fire lately. And I don’t know much about Boi-1da but production its good every single time. Thank you all helping me change my life. Secular music free for 5 months and counting 🙂

  2. tj

    yeah dude is one of nicest sounding artist out there he is on the same level as those secular cats his music and his rap ability is top notch and he has a very good voice for rap.I like dudes who have a street sound. I cant get with some gospel artist who have a corny voice you have to have the right voice to do rap music and his voice is right on point he deserves a whoooooooooole lot more attention than he’s probably getting


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