WBD6 Jesus Overworked Underpraised

GS is about to release the 6th volume of his mixtape series Warning Before Destruction. He titled it “Jesus Overworked Underpraised” which would seem fitting in a time like this.

GS has never been quiet about the love that he has for Jesus and on this mixtape its no different. He talks about people walking away from God and the sense that we feel we are better than God or better without God.

“I have a deep song titled “116” on the mixtape that is sure to be a song of both conversation and reflection!”

Warning Before Destruction 6: Jesus Overworked Underpraised is due to drop February 9th for free download.

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  1. obeyurmasta1

    Listen too power freestyle and letter from God….them 2 joints is whats up.


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