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  1. Annoyed

    Wow ya know I really wish you guys would act on what you preach. You WERE really good until you lost Rafi, the one who actually gave youre music life and soul. You are both terrible friends, he did so much for you and you just turned your back on him, you wouldn’t be where you are with out him and I just wish more people knew the truth not the lies you’ve spun; all the songs he wrote, the CDs he made the mixes for the designs and graphics all crated by him. so the next time you post and talk about “forgiveness” and “acceptance” and “love” think about your own actions and how you treat the people around you… Merry Christmas maybe you’ll clean up at new years and start fresh and make amends for lying to and about your friend and for turning your back on him

  2. heightened

    To be honest I wouldn’t have known about this situation until you posted it here. This tells me that you are either directly related to this situation or on the side of the said ‘victim’. Instead of ranting about how you feel on their video, and tarnishing their image, maybe you should just pray for them that they may get rid of their bad ways. Next time, please think before you do something like this.


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