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For the past 5 months, God’s Vision has released a single. This was a part of what he called “The 1st and 15th series.” Every month on the 1st he released a single and on the 15th he was to release the video for the single. Although he didn’t get to release a video for each song as he intended, in those few months he created and eye opening buzz. God’s Vision had some of the top Christian sites post his singles and received an amazing response from listeners and DJs. After his move from Illinois to Georgia, he got off track with moving his family. Now, he has decided to release “The Series,” which contains every song he released in those months plus a few bonus tracks. “The Series” is not a mixtape but what he calls a “singles compilation.” So before he releases his EP in 2016, LMG presents to you God’s Vision’s single compilation “The Series.”

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