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The 1st and 15th is more than just the day most people get paid.  God’s Vision, the master of the sermon in 64 bars, is bringing a download contest to us on the 1st and 15th. God is not a stranger or something for the older generation. God’s Vision is releasing a new single on the first Monday of every month. This single will be exclusive to the month that it is released and will be available for digital download for a special discounted price for one month only. On the 15th of each month, the video for the single will be released to keep you going through the rest of the month. God’s Visionaries is a social media contest and it is simple! God’s Visionaries is the name of the God’s Vision Fan Club. This contest is only for those that share the vision of spreading God’s Love to the masses. On Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, the fan who shares the 1st and 15th Single Artwork with the #1stand15th and #GVisionaries the most times during the month and makes it their profile pic will get access to the next single before it can be downloaded, for FREE!!!! You will find the artwork for the month by following God’s Vision on Instagram @gvision8 and on Twitter @godsvision1 and on Facebook it is God’s Vision. God’s Vision thanks God for everyone of God’s Visionaries. God’s Vision takes Matthew 24:14 and Ephesians 5:15-21 to heart every time he picks up his pen or steps into the booth. When it comes to sound and talent, God’s Vision is his only competition! God’s Visionaries lets share the 1st and 15th series with the masses!!!!

Take a listen to God’s Vision below.

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