Bizzle and the God Over Money team made no delay in making some moves in 2016. The label recently announced the signing of west coast artist Sevin.

He’s been buzzing in the music industry for quite some time having released 30 albums and starting Hog Mob which stands for Hook’d On God – Ministry Ova Bizness. With that mentality it’s no wonder God Over Money is a fit for Sevin.

If you haven’t heard of Sevin check out his music video for “Pray 4 My Hood.”

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  1. Michael G Petit Sr.

    Dude is so talented, but man His primary focus is sharing the Gospel first. GOM Artist are talented no doubt but they preach and all lyrically beast, but He will fit big-time.

  2. Noe Shame

    Sevin is so mature in Christ I believe he’ll help them stay focused for sure

  3. DougHautz

    Absolutely stunned… Datin and now Sevin.  Let me sit down.  I’m giddy

  4. Norm Carrillo

    Yes. Because He loves to sing about the Lord and Bizzle the same….


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