Gerry Skrillz announces “100 Proof” cover art and tracklist

September 7, 2018


Gerry Skrillz announces “100 Proof” cover art and tracklist

Gerry Skrillz announces a brand new project

Christian hip-hop artist and core member of Die Daily, Gerry Skrillz, is getting ready to drop his next project – Hundred Proof.

Hundred Proof is slated to drop on October 5th and the preorder will go live with the album’s lead single “I’m Focused” on September 14th.

“Hundred Proof is about me understanding that I am a continuous work in progress and being comfortable with presenting myself as I am to the world. If God unconditionally loves and
welcomes me as I am, then why would I ever front for anyone else?” said Skrillz about the record.

See the tracklist below

1. Hundred Proof (Produced by Marvs)
2. Rain ft. Charles Goose (Produced by Marvs)
3.I’m Focused ft. OnBeatMusic and Chris Aye (Produced by OnBeatMusic)
4. Please Remind Me (Produced by SoundNami and Marvs)
5. No More (Produced by Marvs)
6. Can I Rest Now? (Produced by SoundNami & Marvs)

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