Generation SWAGG Presents: JMV2 (Jesus Music Vol. 2) Hosted by DJ Kutz

October 23, 2011


Love God. Hip Hop Enthusiast. Serial entrepreneur. Web Developer. Founder of newH2O.com. I Never Stop.
  1. Royal.T

    What's good everyone? It's ya boy Royal.T aka Mr. SWAAAAAAAAAAAGGG! And thank you for downloading Jesus Music Vol. 2. I pray that this project is a blessing to you and that you share it with everybody or how they say in the Trap ERRRBODY! Love y'all. Keep it KingdomRoyal.T

  2. Jeremy Duke

    Solid Mixtape. great work by everyone who contributed to this mixtape and praise to the most high!

    • Royal.T

      Amen bro. Appreciate the love & support! GOD BLESS!

  3. Yo_Britty

    Awesome mixtape. This is a blessing to me on tonight. Keep on using your gifts to give God the Glory. God Bless all the artist who are featured on this and all who worked hard to make it available. #JesusMusic

    • Royal.T

      Amen! That's what it's all about. Bringing the SHINE to Christ! I hope this project continues to be a blessing to you. Let's get ready to push this mixtape for Project 31!

  4. Luis L. Gonzalez

    Man,I want that awesome God instrumental so bad.R-Swift and you guys went in on that track man.GODbless

  5. E. Daniel

    This is a great project. I`m thankful to be part of it! Great Job to the @GenerationSwag Team, @Iam_Royal_T and the @newh2o team! Praise God!

  6. Shawn McFarland

    Fuego is all I can say! Awesome artwork! Awesome music and awesome message! How can I find more out about the Generation SWAGG movement?

    • Royal.T

      God bless you sir! I will be emailing you tonight so you can get some info about Generation SWAGG!

  7. Actz

    Im bout to get my copy right now fam

  8. Actz

    that skit is guts lol

  9. Ty Watcher

    so glad to be a part of Generation Swagg!!!

    • Royal.T

      We glad to have you brother! I thank God for your service!

  10. JohnyJOH

    I can't stop REplaying Young Chosen & YB's "Shut Us Down"! It's just extremely hot & I like da lyrical content!

  11. J. Maury

    The cd is awesome... The hustle hard track is beast!

  12. Pastor SLCOOPER

    Generation SWAGG in the House! This mixtape is a blessing. Was put together very nice. Spread the Word and lets Push for the Kingdom....

    • Royal.T

      Bless you sir!

  13. Leola Kingdom Forever Williams

    I'm loving this Kingdom hip Hop....

    • Royal.T

      Thanks for checking it out sis! This is just the beginning!

  14. Daughter of Zion

    This is a GREAT mixtape!


    Much Love to Jesus Music Vol. 2 and everyone that participated! May all your voices be heard! Royal. T you did it once again! Congrats to you and your team!

    • Royal.T

      Thanks family. I'm just blessed that God chose me as His vessel for this movement! Much love and support to you brother! God Bless!

  16. Jackson O.

    this mixtape is whats up. diggin' the peanutbutterjelly!

    • Royal.T

      God Bless you bro.. Encourage all your peeps to download this. Let's keep pushing!

  17. DIFF-outlook

    this mixtape is dope. Love the young chosen track and l.o.s demolished that hustle hard track.

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