Forgiven – Closure | Video

December 26, 2011


Forgiven – Closure | Video

FORGIVEN’s mission is to speak life into this generation, not just his own but to the old and the new to come. But before he was able to do that, he had to 1st find the passion, for Christ Jesus. He was born in March 17, 1987. He’s a young 24-year-old man raised in Long Beach California (just recently move to Los Angeles). He first started doing music when he was a freshman in high school, never for the world always for Christ. But he remembers a family member saying, “Put the mic down and go beyond the ALTAR.” So he became a member of a church call P4CM (Passion For Christ Movement), that’s when he gave his full life to Christ Jesus and that’s going on ALMOST 5 years now. In the mist of these 5year God has been molding him, shaping him and chipping him into his likeness. OUR Lord and Savior have a mission for him. So because of his obedience and humbleness, God had recently returned the music back into his life to remind Gods children about GOD.

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