I’m not one to get skittish or even second guess myself. Once I make a decision, I usually stick with it. Looking back, this is one of the only times I have been wrestling with what to do for so long. The worst part is, I don’t think I’m alone. Millions of Americans are on the fence about who to vote for this close to the election.

Right when I start feeling like I know who I should vote for, something terrible happens and it forces me to second guess myself. I’ve gone through all the scenarios. Is it me? Have my beliefs changed? Have the people around me changed? Am I the only one who thinks this way?

After thoroughly contemplating and trying to pin down the answer, I’ve come to believe that the candidates today are the product of our society. For years it seems like candidates only told us what they thought we wanted to hear. This time something is different. It seems like their messages are amplified and projected louder than ever before.

Are what these candidates “selling” who we really are?

Is America really racist? Is America hateful? Does America wish harm on others? Does America only care about itself? Deep down in each and every person, a little bit of this is true. Whether it be racism, sexism, hate, or anything else these candidates amplify, the American people are vocal about their choices. Especially on social media.

Never have I seen Christians argue with each other with such passion and hate towards one another. From the outside, I rarely see any believers talking anymore. It is just bickering back and forth. Is this what we have become? No wonder we have elevated these candidates to possibly becoming our president.

For the first time ever I don’t believe there is a “Christian’s candidate.” What I mean by that is, in previous elections we all knew who the Christian president was. It didn’t really matter if they really were a Christian, it just matter if Christian’s believed they were Christian. That no matter what they did or believed, the Christian would vote for that candidate. Most of the time they were Republican due to the fact many of their ideals lined up with Christian beliefs.

In this election, I do not believe there is a candidate who is a born again Christian. I am not assuming they don’t know who God is since I don’t personally know any of them. I’m just saying from the outside, not a single candidate portrays any elements of having a personal relationship with God. It does not matter what church they attended last week or if they have a group of Christian advisors who they never see. Usually when you have a personal relationship with God, some of that love and joy spills over to what people can see without even knowing the person.

I do not believe this is an excuse not to vote. As one of our freedoms in this country, we are given the right to vote. I pray that we learn from this experience and as a people we are able to come together in the coming elections with better choices.

We all have a choice and a voice. We need to begin using them in a biblical and productive way.

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