Royal Flush

Favorite Tracks:  All In (feat. KB), Read Em & Weep (feat. V. Rose), Sleepin’

If there is one thing you can count on from a Flame album it’s his unfiltered biblical references. Each and every song he gives all credit to Jesus or the song is about Jesus. One of the main reasons this album really sticks out to me are the lyrics full of doctrine.

When I think back over the past year, I feel CHH is in a transitional period where not many artists are making albums like this anymore. It is becoming less and less common when artists include actual scripture in their lyrics or album. As CHH tries to find a happy medium between representing God and infiltrating the mainstream, albums like Royal Flush are going to be hard to come by.

I enjoyed the range of producers on this album. Tyshane, SPEC, D-Flow, Steve-T, Thainnacircle, and Justin Ebach all contributed. Out of all of Flame’s albums, I felt Royal Flush had the most variety and was better produced. The 2 Peter 1:3 Interlude by Ryan Fullerton was super powerful. I loved the use of this mini sermon to break up the album and to speak some truth into my life.

Read Em & Weep is definitely my favorite song on the album. This song is extremely motivational in overcoming struggles and addictions. V. Rose especially contributed to this song’s success. Her part has a commanding presence with an addictive hook. Stackin’ goes into detail on society’s addiction to money and was a standout song for me personally. I really enjoyed how Flame presented the message and how he described all the different ways money is an idol in our life.

Overall this is an album that I would recommend to any Christian. It has a hard-hitting sound with heavy biblical messages. Some of the features on the album I didn’t totally enjoy but overall it hits hard where it matters.

What did you think of the album?

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  1. Practonus

    I didn’t like the album honestly, but I loved his last album, “the Sixth”
    I really think that he made this album to make himself “more famous”.
    But yeah I can definitely tell that he’s a CHRISTIAN rapper

  2. Dreadscott

     You can tell that he’s a CHRISTIAN rapper who made his album to be “more famous”… you’re confusing yourself.

  3. 1joey777

    Personally If Nobody’s heard of Flame!! i really recommend you do when i got saved in Dec.2 2001. I longed to hear a Chriastian hip hop artists that really touched my soul through music., came across a few like Mr. Real, DCP, lil Raskull, which came outta  GrapeTree records, which was pretty much the only major Christian Label that was making waves at the time, but outta no where the label went down for unknown reasons leaving me wondering what was I going to listen to, from now on. Then October 12, 2004 a dude outta St. Louis by the name of Flame came out with his first album entitled (where there is smoke there is flame). I heard it and maaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!!! it brought me to tears, that album touched me in so many levels. Flame’s real deal when it comes to reaching the people. Royal Flush is his 7th album.


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