clear sight music jesus or nothing

Flame recently revealed the cover for his 8th studio album entitled Jesus or Nothing. The album is expected to be released on April 29, 2014 with his label Clear Sight Music.

Are you excited about this project? What do you think of the cover? Answer in the comment section below.

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  1. illuminoti

    Where does it say it’s FLAME’s 8th album?  According to sources, this is a compilation album…

  2. illuminoti

    NickChow illuminoti   Jam The Hype reported it being a compilation and had sources to back that claim:

  3. NickChow

    illuminoti NickChow  Looks like there’s a lot of speculation on that page. However I do believe it is a Flame album and not a compilation.

  4. illuminoti

    NickChow illuminoti  How is it speculation when FLAME flat out says in a New Release Tuesday interview (which is quoted in that article) that it’s a compilation?  Also, there’s NOTHING on the cover art that says it’s a FLAME album…isn’t that odd?  All it says is Clear Sight Music.

  5. NickChow

    illuminoti NickChow  no need to get heated. Guess we’ll see 🙂 Either way it’s an album I think we should be excited for.

  6. illuminoti

    NickChow illuminoti  Not getting heated.  Just sad to see a lot of assumptions that don’t make a whole lotta sense.


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