FEDEL‘s new album is expected to release May 21, 2013 but is available for pre-order on iTunes now. FEDEL recently released I Will which is the first single from the album.

Pre-order V.I.P. on iTunes: https://h20.me/13zoelY

Full tracklisting:

  1. I Will Be (Prod. by Steve-T)
  2. Make A Scene (Prod. by Geeda)
  3. Be Something (Prod. by Geeda)
  4. Dream Big (Prod. by Steve-T)
  5. Break The Law (Prod. by Geeda)
  6. Family Secret ft. T Haddy (Prod. by Steve-T)
  7. Suburbs vs the Ghetto ft. JR (Prod. by Wit)
  8. Your Love ft. Jai (Prod. by Geeda)
  9. Trust Him ft. Social Club, Dre Murray, SPZRKT (Prod. by Groc)
  10. Lemonade ft. Von Won (Prod. by Steve-T)
  11. Turned Up ft. Json, ZG (Prod. by Steve-T)

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