Eshon Burgundy is on the verge of cracking the top ten for Hip-Hop/Rap on iTunes. His latest release The Fear of God is now available in digital marketplaces.

Purchase on iTunes:

Official Tracklist:

  1. The Fear of God
  2. Healthy feat. Je’kob
  3. Bloody Money
  4. Higher Learning feat. Uncle Reece
  5. Control Issues
  6. Respect, Power & $ feat. John Givez
  7. The Fear of the Lord feat. Shai Linne
  8. Come Alive feat. J.R. and J. Givens
  9. Certified Gold
  10. Sand Castles feat. Sean C. Johnson
  11. Good Grief feat. Liz Vice
  12. Retro Sonday feat. Braille
  13. A Close Distance feat. Lee Green


With an album this heavy, which features or songs do you like the most?

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