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Erica Danea is back again with a new collab project titled ” Four” with Young Fatha and Chanele Christine.

Ladies and Gentlemen we interrupt the norm of hip hop to bring you positive uplifting music Counter Culture Art presents: Four

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6 Responses

  1. KieshaJames

    Yaaaassss finally a female rapper who can rap …. this is some good music …. The girl can sing too …YASSSSS

  2. Harlem

    Its a cool project my favorite is #6 and #2 Young Fatha can rap  but I dont understand where he is coming from it seems like he is just writing his own thing and not really connecting to what the song is talking about. Im excited to see where the girl Erica Danea is headed she is one of the nicest girls in CHH and this is my first time hearing her. I like the hooks singing is good  and message just needs more of a connection with the audience but overall good.

  3. obeyurmasta1

    Jesus came to give us freedom from wrong doing cause God didn’t make us for wrong doing. Jesus came so we would recieve our Father and his mercy and love that we would refuse the evil and choose the good. Sing bout it, rap about it. We ain’t building a christian “culture” but the house of God in Jesus name….just saying tracks blast worthy.


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