e-40 lecrae working on music

E-40 says him and Lecrae are working on new music. Would you want to see this collab happen? Most recently E-40 was featured on Big Sean’s new single “I Don’t F*** With You.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Lecrae or a CHH artist has collaborated with a secular artist. Do you think Christian Hip Hop artists should continue to work with secular?

@Lecrae & @e40 working on some good positive uplifting music for 2015

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  1. ChrisPerry32

    newH2O Yes, I would like to see that collab. But I would like to see 40 give his life to Christ more.

  2. effectradio

    newH2O lecrae Never heard, or heard of E-40 so can’t say that I’d want to see/hear it. But I’ll bet Crae talks to him about #Jesus.

  3. DMurray_1

    I think it’s great that @Lacrae is reaching out to secular artists. As so called Christians, we have tendency to only associate ourselves with other people that call themselves Christians. This guy is a fisherman of men and he’s fishing as Jesus would. We can only hope and pray that he reaches through to some these secular artists and give them the same faith in and love for Jesus that he possesses. It’s easy to preach to a body of believers in the church. The real work is done when you start preaching to the streets. Big ups to @Lacrae and his Reach movement! #ReachingTheMasses

  4. N80808

    I think its part of Lecrae’s ministry working with secular/mainstream producers and artists.

  5. DMurray_1

    Lol, James 5:20 since we throwing out bible verses… You can be sure that whoever brings the sinner back will save that person from death and bring about the forgiveness of many sins.
    So how can he possibly reach sinners through his works and professing his love and faith in Jesus, if he disassociate himself from sinners. That’s the problem with us so called Christians, we’re constantly trying to distance ourselves from sinners by acting as if we’re holier than thou. We don’t know what kind of impact he will have on E-40. SSlets try to get an understanding before we start casting out stones.

  6. trusscity

    there are so many other ways to reach sinners other than co-laboring with the world. honestly there’s no reason to participate in darkness to grab a sinner bud. I’ve seen a lot of these Christian artists like Lecrae co-laborery with the world in music and nothing’s changed in worldly artists music afterwards. What does that mean? nevermind don’t answer that I’ve seen the evidence myself thank you have a great day God bless

  7. DMurray_1

    My brother in the faith, I totally understand and agree with you. The only thing I’m saying is…. Let’s not judge, but let us only pray and hope he’s doing the Lord’s work. Stay blessed fam!

  8. trusscity

    I hear you bro but I know of some brothers in Christ that grab sinners all the time sit down with them chop it up and talk to them about Jesus Christ but when it comes to music, they don’t collab based off the fact that would mean he’s in agreeance with their lifestyle.it’s so much more deeper the music it’s not even about music it’s about reaching that person, talking to him, developing a relationship. Not about music. if the only way to connect to sinners is to collab with them I’m sorry that just doesn’t sound right. Be blessed also homie

  9. N80808

    Totally agree Trusscity it’s all about building relationships so the person will even listen to you talking about Jesus. Btw I think dmurray is dre Murray from collision records.

  10. brealmp3

    So by your logic if a Christian person and a person of secular belief share profession they shouldn’t associate? I guess all the Christians in the NFL, NBA, other sports leagues should go start their own league so they don’t share a field with someone who doesn’t share the same beliefs. Maybe I should find a new job where everyone I work with is a Christian so I’m not associating myself with a nonbeliever…
    But! What if one E40 fan sees this track that he’s featured on and then continues to listen to the whole album. Then after a listening the album that person starts getting a desire to learn more about Jesus Christ. After learning more about Jesus Christ that person decides to give his life to Christ. At that point I would say that Lecrae collaborating with E40.

  11. christina112

    I don’t know if you have heard E40s latest album but he has some really positive things to say. In fact he continually says that people need to get on their knees to pray and give thanks to God. His latest album is from his heart. Its not the stuff that gets played on the radio. Its stuff that he knows is truth, its about faith, real life, etc. My husband listens to his music and I joke with him that e40 is turning into a Christian rapper (j/k). Let Lacrae work with the man. This collaboration could be the thing that brings my husband to Christ! And pray for Earl Stevens and that God will use him for His glory.


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