SSMG’s newest signee Dwight Junior reveals mixtape cover and tracklist for 2.5.16 release of Runaway. The multi-talented artist also gives us a glimpse into the making of ‘Runaway‘ with the release of a mini-documentary based on the project.

Losing his mother to suicide and leaving his hometown to start a new life, Dwight Junior decided to ink all of his joy and pain into his new mixtape Runaway. Junior is set to release this self-produced tape on February 5th in honor of his mother’s passing. Everyone feels the weight of depravity that we can’t escape, but the good thing is that God doesn’t leave us there.

The project Runaway is slated to release February 5th, 2016 for free download, but is also currently available on iTunes for pre-order.

Official Tracklist:

  1. Runaways Welcome
  2. Runaway Kids (ft. Benjamin Rea)
  3. Broken Peace
  4. Mistakes (ft. Spoken Word)
  5. Mended, Broken Heart
  6. Rejection
  7. Still Here
  8. Friends (ft. Shiwan & Elijah Wiggins)
  9. Young Kids
  10. Do What We Want
  11. So Long, So Long
  12. Won’t Leave
  13. Oh, Let’s Runaway
  14. Rise & Fall (Bonus Track)

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