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7 Responses

  1. du2cegospel

    NickDChow Man thank you so much for the love and support fam! ALL glory to Jesus!

  2. GabrielBallerini

    If you did a song with J Carter from city lights, ┬áthat’d be fire!!!!

  3. lae13

    @du2cegospeltotally awesome man. To God be the Glory. I do Gospel rap myself and I work on it everyday. keep it up sir!!!

  4. du2cegospel

    wubby2014 Thank you so much for the shout out and support thanks man! It ALL glory to Jesus!

  5. Adom

    This literally is one of the hardest Christian mixtapes I’ve ever heard. ‘Pray With Us’ around the 2 minute mark…”but what happened to the passion??? you missin in action!” whooaaa, he spits hot fira!


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