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Dream Junkies consists of Beleaf, Ruslan, and John Givez. The official release date for their collaboration album is March 18th.

01 Higher – Produced by Maj0r
02 Move – Produced by Dert and Anthony Cruz
03 Dreamers – Produced by Anthony Cruz
04 Old Friends – Produced by Jruckers
05 hypocritiCOOL – Produced by Maj0r
06 4×4 – Phonix
07 Soul Rebels – Produced by Wontel
08 Mandela (feat. Elijah Fig) – Produced by Josh Carey, Jruckers, and Ruslan
09 Dream Junkies – Produced by Anthony Cruz
10 Explain – Produced by Lex Luthorz
11 Oceans Produced by Anthony Cruz Deluxe
12 (BONUS) Cousin of Death – Produced by DJ Rek
13 (BONUS) Untouchable – Produced by Jruckers
14 (BONUS) In-Laws

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3 Responses

  1. Matthew Greer

    Is this gonna be free or itunes? Doesn’t matter just curious if you know?

  2. Nick Chow

    I believe it’s for purchase but not 100% sure. It didn’t say in the details that were provided.


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