Don’t Miss Compelling “The Heart of Man” Documentary

August 23, 2017


Don’t Miss Compelling “The Heart of Man” Documentary

If you’ve ever suffered with addiction. Lust. Shame. Not feeling good enough. Or any sin that kept you from God, you won’t want to miss “The Heart of Man”. This compelling documentary is essentially a re-telling of the Biblical parable about the prodigal son interwoven with interviews of people who detail their struggles and their relationship with God throughout their ordeals. The film is also about redemption and how God loves us through the best and the worst that we become.

Shot on location in Hawaii, the film features true stories and interviews with authors William Paul Young and Dr. Dan Allender, and spoken word artist Jackie Hill-Perry. The dramatic scenes feature actors Justin Torrence, Serena Karnagy, and Robert Fleet. It is produced by Jason Pamer and Jens Jacob, directed by Eric Esau, and executive produced by Brian Bird.

“The Heart of Man” will be shown on one night only, September 14th, at about 500 North American locations.

I was able to see a six-minute featurette version of the film, and that combined with the trailer, left me with a strong impression that this is a must see-film for Christians, non-Christians, and anyone who have ever struggled with sin, secrets, and faith. Those brief six minutes were extremely moving. No doubt the rest of the film promises more.

The theme of the film is aptly summed up in the movie’s central question: “What if our brokenness is a bridge, not a barrier?”

Tickets can be purchased through local theaters as well as online at or

Although it is only being shown on a limited basis, hopefully it will become more widely available online or via streaming services after the initial release.

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