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  1. JessErin Snook

    Hey! JessErin here from JessErin Management/All Heart Records in Ozark, AL/Nashville, TN! I just saw a link to your page on Knine’s page for TakeBack Records. Just wanted to tell you that you have a great sound! I LOVE the beats and lyrics! Keep it up!

  2. DJ G

    O.M.G. – DJ Destiny, my one’s and two’s are on PAUSE as I’m on the dance floor Jammin’ off you H2O mixtape!! What I love about it most is the in is INFESTED with a MINISTRY mindset and WrEcKiNg the beats at the same time! That’s the style I love! Keep the flow going!! No exposin the pains of the church or other HHH rappers w/ shortfalls…just MISSION oriented lyrics telling folks how to LIVE this Christian Life! That’s the Gospel yo!!! Keep it up.
    I invite you to join my network and I’ll help promote your mixes! Blessings bro!
    Grace and Peace,
    DJ G, New Life Music

  3. Cee Foxx

    DJ Destiny, Just down loaded the mixtape and can’t wait to check it out.NOTE: My Radio stream is dedicated to children of God such as your self and i would like to offer you a weekly slot. I receive loads of singles every day for air play consideration, all i do is remix music for the stream day and night,and to have some one doing that as well save me time. I don’t know yet how your format is as for self drops included for you ,your Co, production,etc…but if you could send me new mixes weekly along with a Station ID for my stream we can get stared. I’m sure i will be putting this(H2O) in rotation and it would be good to have station ID drops to place in front of it …The station ID:( NEWGENERATION105RADIO.COM) You have my email address… Thanks for allowing me to Promote your Cause!!!


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