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DHIX explains the EP by breaking down each track:

“The Reprogrammed EP is a record where each record has something to do with being Reprogrammed in some sort of way. The first track The Warning feat K.Agee x FOA talks about the second coming of Christ warning Christians to wake up and reprogram their lives for Christ.

The 2nd record called Reprogrammed feat Dillon Chase talks about changing the way you talk the way you walk the way you think etc a total new creature.

Reprogrammed in Christ the 3rd record called Lights Out in America is a song that talks about their being no hope no faith the love waxing cold in America and we have to be the light that shines on the hill to lead em back to Christ with us we can help reprogram others for God’s glory.

The 4th record is called Crucifixed feat Sarah Rodriguez x RSwift talking about because of what Jesus did with the Crucifixtion your life has been Crucifixed meaning you have been adopted into God’s family and your a new person a walk through before the Crucifixtion during and the resurrection the gospel in one record.

The 5th Song is called How could you not feat J.Carter meaning How could you not love God when you know who he is how could you not give him your life when he gave his how could you not Reprogram your mind heart and soul for him and only him.

The 6th song is called Rebirth feat JG talking about after you go through trials and other temptations and obstacles Their is a cleansing that takes place called a Rebirth which is another form of Reprogramming Something..When you ask for your sins to be forgiven their is a cleansing that takes place called a Rebirth Reprogramming your old way of living to a new way of life.

The 7th song is called Won’t Leave feat Fitzgerald talking about never leaving the gospel no matter what you go through if you fall you get back up and keep pushing no matter what the overall concept is u never leave God under any circumstance we all make mistakes but through it all depend on God and never leave him.

The 8th song is called Nobody Greater feat ZG this song is my personal favorite because their is nobody greater then the God I serve and threw him Reprogramming me constantly I see him being Greater and greater so when ever I start to doubt him I play this record cause he’s the greatest thing you can have in your Life… Overall album Ep is an expression of what God means to me and how he continues to Reprogram me threw everything. #GetReprogrammedNow

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