Favorite Tracks:  Ready, Set, Go, Gimmie, Dear Mr. Christian (Feat. Dee-1 & Lecrae)

Favorite Production:  Making Me More (feat. Kiya Lacey) [Prod. by Derek Minor], Hot Air Balloon (feat. Kiya Lacey) [Prod. by Derek Minor, Dirty Rice and Joseph Prielozny]

Derek Minor, formally known as Pro, is back with a new release called Minorville.  Running with the crew from Reach Records you know Lecrae would make an appearance on this release, as he does on Dear Mr. Christian,  but surprisingly “Crae” is the only Reach member to make an appearance. The reality is, Derek Minor didn’t need any help on this album.

With Minorville Derek Minor hits on many social issues.  The rawness that Minor brings to this release is, at times can be pretty hard to hear, but very much needed not only in todays church, but in society as a whole.  Hitting on topics ranging from politics in IGWT, to trying to get the church to listen to the stories of others in Dear Mr. Christian, to greed in Gimmie. Derek Minor brings it hard and leaves very little unsaid.

Kicking the album off with Lost In Minorville we start on the “good side” of the tracks where “Birds never poop on your car.  Even after you’ve washed it”.  But the rest of the tracks happen on “the other side of the tracks” with Lost In Minorville ending, “Come take a walk with me I’ll show you the other side.”  This leads us into the reality of Minorville with the next track IGWT (In God We Trust).  Walking through the tracks of Minorville is painful at times hitting you right in the wallet with the track Gimmie -putting a spotlight on greed that plagues America.


“I feel like we must’ve missed it. We built a whole society around riches. While kids in Africa put water on their wish list – we go out and buy a couple of Benzes.”  –  Derek Minor – Gimmie

Hard hitting lyrics flow through the entire release and they make you think about your life, how you act, feel about and judge others, and if you are truly acting as a follower of Christ. This is one thing I like about this album.  Now, I enjoy an album that I can sit back and “bob my head” to like everyone else.  I equally enjoy a hard hitting album that speaks right to your heart and makes you want to change and be a better person to your neighbor, friends, and spouse.  And, most importantly, a better example of Christ to the world around us.  Minorville does all of that.

With all the talk of lyrics – what about the music? Production on this album is hot. The times of Christian Hip Hop being decades behind the mainstream is pretty much gone. What differentiates Christian Hip Hop from the mainstream is the lyrics and that is where Derek Minor stands above the rest with Minorville.

Final Thoughts

Hip Hop needs more music that speaks to the heart of not just the christian culture, but to the world at large. This album has the ability to not just entertain but to impact those who take the time to listen to the lyrics.  Let’s be honest, being “raw” is the thing in CHH right now. Everyone talks about it but very few actually delivers as well as Minor does in Minorville.

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  1. Marijn Mj Quartel

    9/10 amazing album. Good theme. Good illustrated. But its not yet a full 10… only thing is…. i dont know why

  2. Adamt

    @Marijn Mj Quartel  – I had the same issue.  It’s not a 5 out of 5- but I can’t figure out why. Lyrically, it’s on point.

  3. NickChow

    @Adamt  @Marijn Mj Quartel For me it’s probably a 4/5. The album is amazing don’t get me wrong, however a couple of the songs are a little on the boring side for me. Lyrically it’s great but some songs I skip over when they come on.

  4. parkerconnell

    id give it 7/10. i was expecting a rawer/harder version of psav3. i appreciate that he addressed the bad, and i love gimmie & dear mr christian. a lot of the album though, is lacking lyrically. just on the flow is what i mean cuz often the rhymes are weak. i still bought the whole album and support minor but honestly i was disappointed with this release. possibly cuz my expectations may have been too high though because i thought this may be the album of the year even over GRMOD

  5. Marzbarz

    As a artist I respect his expression he’s not putting on commercial material because of what’s on his mind …keep speaking about where God has you in life


    I would have to rate this a 4/5 as well. Alone with parkerconnell, I was expecting a similar PSAV3 or Dying to Live. Not saying this album wasnt great but I did catch myself skipping through tracks like Hot Air Balloon or Love You Better. Derek just didnt fit those tracks in my opinion. I could see Andy, KB or Lecrae on either of those tracks, but they were just TOO soft for Derek. Favorite tracks for me were: IGWT, Making Me More, Homecoming, We Gone Make It, Ready Set Go, We Are (Champions) and Respect That. I think the production was great, lyrics were great and that it was a step up for Derek as far as maturing as an artist goes. But I think these biggest disappointment to me was the track Sweet Dreams. I really feel that this song shouldve been saved for a mixtape or something. This song did not fit this album AT ALL IMO. Heard that Derek is featured on CC2 and I honestly cant wait to hear what hes got in store for us. 4/5 and yes I would recommend this album to anyone who loves hip hop.


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