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  1. chris doggett

    man this mixtape is on fire, I love RMG and PRo my bad i mean derek minor lol, this is a great mixtape it shouldnt be free but that how RMG does it they love spreading the gospel, keep the faith 1.1 Six

  2. ?

    Why did he change his name? I love Canons song: Loud Music! Cant wait for his new album!

  3. christopher doggett

    he said God has taken him in a different direction in his career. PRo stood for prodigol son, and he said he has changed since that, and that he wanted to start fresh. derek jr. is his name and his father name is derek sr. so he chose to go by derek minor, instead of derek jr. also he said that the name PRo if u google it would bring up many other things than gospel rapper.

  4. tj

    this is tight and his sound quality was very good.keep those clean stong mixes coming.Most christian rap doesn’t have the best sound quality in the world .They mix this down very good levels were balanced out nicely and it sounded good everywhere I played it

  5. Bigrod

    It wont let me download from his site….do you know anywhere else i could get it

  6. kjbad

    Derek’s mixtape is so good, words cannot describe how hot this is. I bang this every day and turn heads with “Riddle Me This”, “Feelin’ Good”, and “Real Recognize Real”. Best album of the year so far, no joke.

  7. black baboon

    yep sounds pretty good though; but my thing is lady gaga an others started that one eye thing now u see a alot of so called Gospel artist doing the same thing now pro we cant see but one of ur eyes the other is darken out.. and these hand signals is getting bad to… now the world does the baphmoet hand sign as did anton lavey the founder of church of satan.. I still think that Rap can be used as a vehicle for the word of Yah 2 travel through but even if we r not doing it on purpose we shourld not be drawing attention to ourselves with all seeing eyes and covering of the eye and hand signz ..Just saying …. yall research that its info all out there.. one lv


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