On Facebook Live last night, Derek Minor announced his new project Your Soul Must Fly is now available for pre-order for $5.99. You immediately get two songs off the project before the expected release of September 1st.

Minor also announced that this project is one of four that he is dropping over the next four months. He didn’t go into a whole lot of detail but he did say they are all interconnected in some way and will be titled Up and Away. He spent the rest of the Facebook Live session playing some new songs which feature a lot of up and coming artists.

It’s official. RMG season has begun.

Pre-order Your Soul Must Flyhttps://h20.me/2vLPPXN

Official Tracklist:

  1. Launch Pad
  2. Anti-Gravity
  3. Take Off (feat. Ty Brasel, Canon & K.B.)
  4. Jumpin’
  5. Astronaut (feat. Deraj & Byron Juane)
  6. Level (feat. Lil Bre)
  7. Your Soul Must Fly

Watch the official video for “Astronaut.”

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