Dee-1 seems to have struck a chord with his latest video “Sallie Mae Back.” The New Orleans based rapper is well known within the Christian hip hop community and it is exciting to see that his reach is scoping way beyond the CHH fanbase.

We all knew Dee-1 signed a deal with RCA but we never really knew the details of his financial obligations. When most artists sign a deal with money up front, they head to the jewelry store or purchase a new car to celebrate. Dee-1 used his advance to pay back his student loans which is unheard of in the hip hop community.

Many people have been able to identify with this song due to the college loan problem in America right now. College loans are estimated to be around $1.2 trillion of America’s debt.

News outlets such as CNN, The Washington Post and Huffington Post have taken notice. Even Sallie Mae congratulated Dee-1 on paying back his student loan.

sallie mae congratulates dee-1

Does this encourage you to keep pushing and get out of debt?

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  1. Cory Vaughn Payne

    Dee-1 a few weeks ago when the video first came out it was trending on Facebook heavily.

  2. hypercoyote

    Wow…..I had no idea the Student Loan amounts were that bad.  Yeah, I know so many people who are struggling to make it after college that student loans are the last priority.


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