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  1. Gevonzion

    A bruah this mixtape go hard…I pray everybody really listen to the words cause u really got something to say….real music got my attention and the good thing all the tracks ain’t get crunk tracks…lol God bless homie…

  2. late10

    I hope they hear me..ha, ha. Dee-1 is back to doing what he does best on this outing and I can appreciate the message all the way through. The spirit is alive and well, I hope his ministry inspires Lupe while they are out on tour. Keep your reach to  those close to deaths door, and follow the streets you came from, time is getting close and the harvest is primed for reaping. Put J-ville on the tour date.

  3. BlessedReal

    Psalms of David 2!? I’m not even going to
    listen first, I already know I’m downloading it. The 1st tape had some good
    messages and I’m sure this will follow it.


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