DC Talk has been hinting that something big was coming in 2017. Fans got real emotional since they haven’t done anything as a band in 16 years. It turns out DC Talk was planning to take their fans on a cruise and perform for them. Many fans thought new music was on the way or something more exciting. DC Talk has responded with the following:

After 16 years of silence, we are thankful there are still so many passionate fans!
Someone came to us with the idea of Michael, Kevin and I getting together on a cruise and we thought, “That would be fun and it would be intimate, way more intimate than an arena tour could ever be.”
We’ve said “No” to coming back together so many times, but this time we finally said “YES”. It can be so challenging for us to all get together with our families going in different directions, and our own bands, and their families.
We are sorry it is not everything you wanted. We would never want to let any of you down.

Check out the trailer for their cruise announcement.

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