When Davis Absolute was sharing how he was able to land this opportunity, he had this to say –

When I was 14 I remember thinking that Saigon just might be the best rapper alive. “Favorite Things”, “The Color Purple” and “Stocking Cap” were some of my favorite records that I had on repeat consistently. It blew me away that a gangster rapper could have an agenda that was fueled with so much passion and a desire to change the world… I remember when he and Trey Songz dropped Pain In My Life – floored me. The Greatest Story Never Told is in my Top 5 most anticipated albums of all time.

Fast forward 11-odd years and not only was I blessed to work with him but also engineer two songs off of one of his more recent albums. Yahweh moves in crazy ways!

Check out the new single as he preps for a mid-summer release for his debut album!

Listen to the single and you can download below.

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